1994 Christie's East Sports Memorabilia (baseballs, bats) 3/26/94 (2BU)


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1994 Christie's East Sports Memorabilia (baseballs, bats) 3/26/94 (2BU). This post auction catalog consists of 55 pages with 438 lots mostly illustrated in color and all described in detail. Catalog is in fine condition.Includes Baseball autographs, knit uniforms, trophies, including Cuban, Negro and Japanese league items NY memorabilia, basketball, hockey, boxing and football memorabilia. A great selection!! . Non sports cards and the Roger Steckler non-sport pin collection: movie star pins, super hero pins, Yellow kid pins, Comic pins, Mickey Mouse Globe Trotter pins, Shmoo pin set, Pep comic & military pins, and various others: baseball autographs = 133 lots, baseball knit uniforms = 15, basketball = 30 lots, hockey = 24 lots, boxing = 34 lots, football = 32 lots, Steckler non sports pins = 28 lots, 19th & 20th century baseball trophies.