1998 Christie's Important Sporting Art From The Thomas Mellon Evans Collection (American and British Horse Paintings) New York 12/3/98


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1998 Christie's Important Sporting Art From The Thomas Mellon Evans Collection(American and British Horse Paintings) New York 12/3/98. Thomas Mellon Evans's enthusiasm for tradition, bloodstock and sport led him to assemble an extraordinary collection of American, Old Master and Sporting Paintings as well as a splendid group of American decorative arts. The same instincts that enabled Mr. Evans to reach the pinnacle of the sport of horse racing by breeding and owning a Kentucky Derby winner are also evident in the range and depth of his outstanding collection. For over half a century he acquired works of fine and decorative art with an eye to quality and pedigree.Mr. Evans's passion for throroughbred horse racing naturally led him to assemble a great collection of Sporting pictures, which provided a brilliant complement to his American and Old Master paintings. Many of his sporting paintings depict important throroughbreds whose bloodlines were prominent in his racing stable and whose renowned owners were colorful figures in their day.,P>Index of Artists: S. Alken; J. Berenger; W. Barraud; C.K. Bassett; B. Bart; J. Boultbee; D. Clowes; J. Constable; A. Cooper; D. Dalby; J.M. Dodson; English School; J. Fernley, 2; M.D. Finnell; H. Hall, 3; H. Haseltine; B. Herring, 2; J.F. Herring Sr., 6; B. Marshall, 4; R. Nightingale; J. Pollard, 3; A.F. de Prades; A. Proctor; J. Ross; J.N. Sartorius; J. Seymour, 5; G. Stubbs, 2; H. Stull, 2; E. Troye; T. Weaver; W. Williams; J. Wootton, 3. This post auction catalog consists of 57 lots, all color illustrations, with all lots described in detail. Catalog is in fine condition.

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