Sotheby's The Floyd Segel Collection of Netsuke ( Ivory, Wood, Bone ) Chicago 7/7/99.


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1999 Sotheby's The Floyd Segel Collection of Netsuke ( Ivory, Wood, Bone ) Chicago 7/7/99. This post auction catalog consists of 127 lots, all illustrated, all color, with all lots described in detail. Catalog is in fine condition.

1 Ivory netsuke of Shoki with an oni, signed Kinryusai (Tadatane), Edo 2,300 2 Ivory study of Gama sennin, signed Yoshinaga, Kyoto 2,300 3 Ivory netsuke of Jurojin and a karako, unsigned 5,980 4 Ivory figure of a Tartar archer, signed Okakoto, Kyoto, 18th century 6,900 5 Ivory figure of an oni, unsigned, 19th century 3,450 6 Ivory netsuke of an acrobat, signed Sansho with kao 12,650 7 Lacquered ivory netsuke of a No figure, signed Issai 1,955 8 Ivory netsuke of a Fox-Priest, unsigned 6,670 9 Ivory study of a piebald dog, unsigned 5,060 11 Ivory netsuke of a seated puppy, signed Mitsushige 2,530 13 Ivory netsuke of a kirin, unsigned, Kyoto 4,830 14 Ivory netsuke of a grazing horse, unsigned 3,680 15 Ivory study of a horse, unsigned 5,060 16 Ivory netsuke of a grazing horse, signed Meisai 1,150 17 Wood netsuke of a puppy, signed Toyomasa, Tamba 8,625 18 Wood study of a goat, signed Kokei, Tsu 2,300 19 Wood netsuke of two tigers, signed Masanao, Ise 3,450 20 Wood model of a tiger, signed Minko with kao, Tsu, late 18th/early 19th century 4,313 21 Wood netsuke of a kitten, signed Itsumin, Edo 12,650 22 Wood study of a piebald puppy, signed Toyokazu, Tamba 4,600 23 Wood model of a boar, signed Masanao, Ise 6,325 24 Wood figure of a South Sea Islander, unsigned 14,950 25 Wood netsuke of a Dutchman with child, unsigned 1,725 26 Wood netsuke of Gama sennin, signed Settei 3,680 27 Wood figure of Ashinaga and Tenaga, signed Masatoshi 3,680 28 Wood netsuke of a kirin, 9,775 30 Wood netsuke of Ono-no-Komachi, unsigned 16,100 31 Rare wood figure of a bearded man, signed Rokko 28,750 32 Ivory netsuke of sarumawashi, signed Yoshinaga, Kyoto 2,760 33 Ivory netsuke of loquats, signed Mitsuhiro, Osaka 2,070 34 Ivory netsuke of a rat on an umbrella, unsigned 2,300 35 Ivory netsuke of a temple servant and a bell, signed Rantei 2,300 36 Ivory netsuke of Raiden and drum, signed Shibayama 920 37 Ivory netsuke of a skeleton, unsigned 3,450 38 Ivory netsuke of two quails, signed Okatori, Kyoto 1,840 39 Ivory study of a cockerel on a drum, unsigned 2,300 40 Ivory netsuke of a puppy and a fly, signed Ranichi 1,840 41 Wood study of a tengu no tamago, signed Ohinata Masahide with kao 1,840 42 Wood netsuke of a hatching tengu, signed Toyomasa, Tamba 9,200 43 Wood netsuke of a grazing horse, unsigned 2,013 44 Wood study of the oni of Rashomon, signed Masanao, Ise 2,300 45 Wood nestuke of a coiled mouse, signed Masanao, 4,025 46 Wood netsuke of a monkey, signed Tomokazu, Gifu 2,300 47 Wood netsuke of a monkey, signed Masanao, Ise 5,750 48 Wood study of three monkeys, signed Tomokazu, Gifu, 19th century 24,150 49 Ivory netsuke of Roshi, unsigned, Kyoto 7,475 50 Ivory netsuke of Nitta no Shiro, unsigned 5,290 51 Ivory study of a sarumawashi, unsigned 3,220 52 Ivory figure of Gama sennin, unsigned 1,840 53 Ivory figure of Shoki and oni, unsigned 3,220 54 Ivory netsuke of the poet 3,623 55 Ivory figure of a sennin, unsigned 2,990 56 Ivory model of Oguri 2,415 57 Ivory netsuke of a tiger, unsigned, style of Tomotada, Kyoto 12,650 59 Ivory model of a tiger on bamboo, unsigned 3,680 60 Ivory netsuke of a tiger, unsigned, Kyoto 4,830 61 Ivory netsuke of a reclining ox with young, signed Okatomo, Kyoto 14,375 62 Ivory netsuke of a recumbent ox, unsigned 2,300 63 Ivory netsuke of a goat, unsigned, style of Tomotada, Kyoto 7,475 64 Ivory study of a wolf, signed Tomotada, Kyoto 14,375 66 Ivory netsuke of a female abalone diver, unsigned 10,350 67 Ivory figure of a male abalone diver, unsigned 4,600 68 Ivory netsuke of an ama and octopus, signed Ransen 2,300 69 Ivory netsuke of a monkey and octopus, signed Ikkosai, Tokyo 2,875 70 Large ivory figure of Ashinaga and Tenaga, signed Yukichika 2,300 71 Ivory netsuke of an octopus and a girl, unsigned 2,070 73 Ivory netsuke of an ama, signed Homei (Yasuaki) and with a seal, Tokyo 5,060 74 Ivory netsuke of a Dutchman, unsigned 10,350 75 Ivory figure of a Dutch settler, unsigned 6,900 76 Ivory netsuke of a South Sea Islander, unsigned 4,428 79 Ivory netsuke of Shoki, signed Heito (or Bando) 5,980 80 Lacquer and fish skin study of a fish, unsigned 10,580 81 Umimatsu study of a desiccated salmon, unsigned 1,150 82 Ivory model of a desiccated fish, unsigned 1,840 83 Stag-antler netsuke of a bamboo section 1,093 84 Wood group of five shells, signed Sari, Iwashiro 4,830 85 Ivory netsuke of a teabowl, signed Mitsuhiro, Osaka 16,100 86 Wood netsuke of coins, unsigned 2,760 87 Ivory netsuke of sea creatures, signed Chomin 3,910 88 Gold ojime, signed So (David Kucer b. 1922) 1,725 89 A group of four ojime, the last three signed Tomi (Tomizo Saratani b. 1949) 2,300 91 Ivory netsuke of a karashishi, signed Mitsuharu 3,680 93 Ivory netsuke of a baku, unsigned, Kyoto 27,600 96 Umimatsu netsuke of an insect on a log, unsigned, Iwami school 7,820 97 Wood netsuke of a snake and tortoise, signed Masatami to 19th century 3,220 98 Wood study of a wasp's nest, signed Toyomasa, Tamba 23,000 99 Wood netsuke of a snake, signed Shoko, Hida 6,670 100 Wood study of a toad, signed Masanao, Ise 3,220 101 Wood netsuke of sansukumi, signed Shuzan 6,325 102 Wood netsuke of three toads on a sandal, signed Masanao, Ise 3,220 103 Wood netsuke of a ronin, unsigned 4,140 104 Wood netsuke of Aridoshi, signed Mitsuharu, Kyoto, 18th century 1,840 106 Wood netsuke of a shunga group, signed Toshimune 6,325 108 Wood netsuke of Shoki with an oni, signed Kigyoku, Edo early 19th century 2,070 109 Wood netsuke of Shoki 4,600 110 Red lacquer kagamibuta, unsigned 1,093 111 Ivory ryusa netsuke of oni amid clouds, signed Ren (Rensai), Asakusa 3,910 112 Red lacquer kagamibuta, signed Ryumin with kao 1,035 113 Rare wood kagamibuta netsuke of a sumitori (charcoal basket), unsigned 1,840 114 Hornbill mask netsuke of an oni, unsigned 6,325 115 Kagamibuta netsuke of narwhal, signed Kiryusai and Somin 1,725 116 Two netsuke 2,990 117 Coral netsuke of a badger masquerading as a priest, signed Kogasa 1,610 118 Boxwood netsuke of a peony, signed Hideyuki (Hideo Sakurai, b. 1941) 3,450 119 Ivory and wood netsuke of a raven and skull, signed Hachiju-go o (at age 85), Meigyokusai (b. 1896) 4,600 120 Stag-antler netsuke of Daruma, signed MHB (Michael Birch, b. 1926) 4,830 121 Narwhal ivory and amber netsuke of a cicada, signed MHB (Michael Birch, b. 1926) 4,025 122 Stag-antler netsuke of a ghost, signed MHB (Michael Birch, 3,220 123 Wood netsuke of a snail and two beetles, signed Akihide (Akira Kawahara, b. 1934) 2,070 124 Ivory and gold netsuke of Ashinaga and Tenaga, signed MHB (Michael Birch, b.1926) 5,750 125 Narwhal ivory netsuke of "Maggie's Torso", signed MHB 1,150 126 Ivory netsuke of a group of fish, signed Meikei (Seihosai, b. 1932) 3,450 127 Ivory study of two carp, signed Shingetsu (b. 1934) 3,450