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5/13/1914 Galerie Manzi/Paris Emile Galle Roger Marx
1/12/1963 Parke-Bernet/NY Tiffany H. Lee Bimm, Esq.
1/25/1969 Parke-Bernet/NY Tiffany
10/30/1975 Sotheby's/NY Art Nouveau/Tiffany Riseman
4/21/1978 Sotheby's/Belgravia Decorative Arts 1900-1939 Martin Battersby
6/16/1978 Drouot/Paris ceramics Marcel Tessier
2/17/1979 Christie's/NY Magnificent Tiffany Gluck
6/20/79 Christie's/Geneva Important Early Galle Glass
10/6/79 Phillips/NY Lalique
2/2580 Drouot/Paris Art Deco & contemporary glass &
ceramics $38
5/25/1980 Sotheby’s/Monaco Modern Furniture Maharaja of Indore
6/23/80 Phillips/NY Louis Icart
9/29/80 Phillips/NY Louis Icart
10/4/1980 Christie's/NY Important Lalique
11/23/1980 Phillips/NY Important Lalique
12/6/1980 Christie's/NY Important Lalique
12/15/1980 Phillips/NY Louis Icart
12/18/1980 Sotheby's/NY Neo-Classical Art Moderne Furniture, part 1

2/5/1981 Sotheby's/NY Neo-Classical Art Moderne Furniture, part 2

4/13/1981 Phillips/NY Louis Icart
9/21/1981 Phillips/NY Louis Icart & Maxfield Parrish
10/18/1981 Versailles Art Nouveau & sculptures by LambertRucki
11/14/1981 Christie's East Louis Icart
12/5/81 Christie's/NY Art Deco sculpture an important collection
5/27/82 Christie's/NY Art Deco sculpture an important collection
10/24/1982 Sotheby's/Monaco Emile Galle vases, lamps, projects
3/30/1983 Christie's East Louis Icart

5/26/1983 Christie’s/NY Art Nouveau & Art Deco Irving M. Felstein
11/19/1983 Sotheby's/NY Vienna Secessionist Works of Art
3/29/1984 Christie's/NY Louis Icart etchings, oils, drawings
11/26/1984 Nouveau Drouot/Paris Set of vases by Emile Galle
12/15/1984 Christie's/NY Magnificent Tiffany David Geffen
5/15/1985 Christie's/Amsterdam Art Nouveau & Art Deco Prof. Dr. J. M. Timmers of Maastricht
5/31/1985 Nouveau Drouot/Paris Art Deco furniture by Madeleine Vionnet Jacques Doucet
6/26/1985 Nouveau Drouot/Paris Louis Icart

3/17/1986 Nouveau Drouot/Paris Louis Icart
10/11/1986 Sotheby's/NY Vienna Secessionist Works of Art

American Arts & Crafts furnishings Robert Edwards, Jeffrey S. Kryvicky

10/7/1987 Tajan/Japan Daum Nancy
10/19/1987 Nouveau Drouot/Paris Rene Lalique
1/25/1988 Drouot Richelieu/Paris Rene Lalique
3/24/1988 Christie's East Art Nouveau, Art Deco, Erte
3/26/1988 Christie's/NY incl. Tiffany incl. Humphreys
4/23/1988 Sotheby's/NY Art Nouveau & Art Deco The Andy Warhol Collection
5/5/1988 Bonham's/London Lalique glass & scent bottles

6/10/1988 Christie's/NY Lalique Frey
6/11/1988 Christie's/NY Important Tiffany Lamps Mihalak, part 2
6/22/1988 Tajan Rene Lalique
6/27/1988 Habsburg & Finarte/Geneva Art of Galle

12/10/1988 Christie's/NY American Arts & Crafts, Architectural
Designs & Commissions, Ceramics
incl. furniture from Gustav Stickley's
3/16/1989 Christie's East Art Nouveau, Art Deco, Erte

5/6/1989 Sotheby's/NY 20th-cen furniture, a Philip Johnson
townhouse (hardcover) $70

5/7/1989 Christie's/Geneva 20th-cen Scandinavian decorative arts
5/11/1989 Christie's/Geneva Art Nouveau Jewels by Lalique &

6/2/1989 Drouot Richelieu/Paris 200 works by Emile Galle
6/16/1989 Sotheby's/NY Important Art Nouveau & Art Deco Walter P. Chrysler, Jr.
10/26/1989 Christie's/Amsterdam The Bauhaus & Bauhaus Designers
10/31/1989 Christie's/NY Robert Mapplethorpe Collection
12/1/1989 Sotheby's/NY Tiffany Arnold R. King, Hank Helfand

12/9/1989 Christie's/NY American Arts & Crafts, Architectural
Designs & Commissions, Ceramics
furnishings from Gustav Stickley's
Craftsman Farms

12/9/1989 Christie's/NY Tiffany Studios & John La Farge
12/13/1989 Tajan 20th Century Design & Sculpture Alain Lesieutre
6/8/1990 Christie's/NY Louis Icart

11/10/1990 Sotheby's/Geneva Venetian Glass 1910-1960 an important private collection
(hardcover) $125

12/9/1990 Christie's/Monaco Art Deco furniture & objects Helene Rochas
10/6/1991 Binoche & Godeau "Le Regard d'Alan" (hardcover)

12/14/1991 Christie's/NY incl Tiffany Studios
1/25/1992 Christie's/NY furniture, silver, books, decorative arts William A. McCarty-Cooper (hardcover)
4/12/1992 Martin du Nord, Bouvet/Paris Contemporary Glass
6/11/1992 Sotheby's/NY Important Galle Glass (hardcover)
9/12/1992 Martin du Nord, Bouvet/Paris Modern & Contemporary Glass
10/3/1992 Sotheby's/NY John & Katsy Mecom, part 1
10/12-14/1992 Christie's/London Architectural Furnishings T. Crowther & Son
10/23/1992 Drouot Richelieu/Paris Lalique
11/19/1992 Sotheby's/NY 20th-century design Barry Friedman, Ltd.

12/12/1992 Christie's/NY Arts & Crafts & Architectural Designs Domino's Center for Architecture &

12/13/1992 Martin du Nord, Bouvet/Paris Ceramics, Modern & Contemporary

3/27/1993 Christie's/NY Tiffany Studios Nellie Ingham

6/12/1993 Christie's/NY Frank Lloyd Wright & his contemporaries Domino's Center for Architecture &

8/16-9/12/1993 Christie's/NY Rene Lalique & Cristal Lalique perfume
bottles David & Lynn Weinstein

9/23/1993 Sotheby's/London Vienna 1900
11/26/1993 Sotheby's/NY John & Katsy Mecom, part 2

12/8&11/1993 Christie's/NY Arts & Crafts & Architectural Designs Domino's Center for Architecture &

12/10-11/1993 Christie's/NY incl. Tiffany Studios
10/20/1994 Olivier Coutau-Begarie 260 drawings by Rene Lalique
4/22/1995 Sotheby's/NY Tiffany Lamps John W. Mecom, Jr.

7/17-8/25/1995 Sotheby’s/NY Chryselephantine Sculpture (Chiparus) a private collection
11/16/1995 Sotheby's/Geneva Art Nouveau & Symbolist Jewellery Ritman
11/30/1995 Christie's/NY Rene Lalique
12/1/1995 Sotheby's/NY Lalique Marvin Kagan & Diane Austin
12/2/1995 Sotheby's/NY Art Nouveau & Tiffany Lloyd & Barbara Macklowe
12/9/1995 Christie's/NY Tiffany Studios Dr. Frank Stanton
12/12/1995 Christie's East Venetian Glass private collection
4/17/1996 Doyle/NY Belle Epoque & Lalique

6/5/1996 Sotheby's/NY Tiffany Lamps Warshawsky Corporate Coll.
6/5/1996 Sotheby's/NY Works of art & jewelry Lillian Nassau, Ltd.

11/1/1996 Sotheby’s/London Applied Arts from 1880 Michael Caine
11/1/1996 Sotheby's/London Bauhaus & other avant-garde design
11/14/1996 Drouot/Paris Emile Galle
11/20/1996 Sotheby's/Geneva Jewellery by Lalique

11/28/1996 Bonham's/London Decorative Arts 1860-1940 & Lalique Glass

4/30/1997 Christie's/London Sculpture & Art Nouveau Glass private collection
12/12/1997 Christie's/NY The Pink Lotus Lamp (Tiffany) Barbara Streisand
5/16/1998 Christie’s/Los Angeles Important Design by Piero Fornasetti
5/16/1998 Sotheby's/Chicago 20th-century Glass Hal Meltzer
6/11/1998 Christie's/NY Art Nouveau & Art Deco a highly important European collection
10/26/1998 Christie's/London Les Annees Folles (sculpture)
12/4-5/1998 Sotheby's/NY incl. Lalique perfume bottles Mary Lou & Glenn Utt; Mike & Renee Silverstein
12/5/1998 Sotheby's/NY Louis Comfort Tiffany
12/10/1998 Christie's/NY Tiffany
2/27/1999 Phillips/NY Rene Lalique glass private collection
5/11/1999 Christie's/London The Chair
5/13-14/1999 Christie's/NY 20th-century paintings, drawings,
sculpture Maurice & Margo Cohen (hardcover)
5/23/1999 Treadway, Toomey, Wright Eames (2)
6/9/1999 Christie's/South Kensington Italian Design
6/11/1999 Christie's/NY Important 20th-century decorative arts Maurice & Margo Cohen (hardcover)
9/15/1999 Christie's/South Kensington Scandinavian Design (2)
9/15/1999 Christie's/Los Angeles Innovators of 20th century style to benefit the Elsie de Wolfe Foundation
11/3/1999 Sotheby's/Amsterdam The Viennese Master Bronzes (arcade)
11/29/1999 Christie's/NY Tiffany
11/29/1999 C/NY Arts & Crafts, Architectural Design, Art
Nouveau, Works by L.C. Tiffany Barbara Streisand
12/4/1999 Sotheby's/NY Louis Comfort Tiffany
12/17/1999 Chrisie's East Cigars, silver, Lalique
3/28/2000 Christie's/London Venetian Glass & style of Venetian glas a private collection
4/8/2000 Quittenbaum Murano glass
5/10/2000 Christie's/London incl. Furniture by Jean-Michel Frank private European collection (hardcover)
5/12/2000 Christie's/South Kensington 20th-century bronzes & sculpture,Lalique Pickard-Cambridge
5/18/2000 Christie's/Los Angeles Innovators of 20th century style Billy Wilder
6/8/2000 Christie's/NY Masterworks: 1900-2000
9/6/2000 Christie's/South Kensington Scandinavian Design
10/21/2000 Rago/New Jersey Modern Italian Glass
11/9/2000 Christie's/London The Chair
11/30/2000 Christie's East Italian glass an important collection
12/2/2000 Sotheby's/NY Louis Comfort Tiffany
12/2/2000 Sotheby's/NY Pate-de-Verre by G. Argy-Rousseau
12/8/2000 Christie's/NY Tiffany Sydney & Frances Lewis Art Trust, Estate of Leslie H. Nash
3/7/2001 Christie's/Amsterdam Thonet design Museum Thonet, Frankenberg
3/7/2001 Christie's/South Kensington Finnish design a private collection
3/12-14/2001 Christie's/Los Angeles Tony Duquette Collections
3/13/2001 Christie's East The Aesthetic Interior Michael & Anne Ripley
5/11/2001 Christie's/South Kensington Lalique, 20th-century bronzes & sculpture
10/20/2001 Rago/New Jersey Lalique auction
12/1/2001 Sotheby's/NY 20th-century works of art & Tiffany
12/7/2001 Christie's/NY Tiffany
12/13/2001 Christie's/Paris Karl Lagerfeld
6/4/2002 Christie’s/Amsterdam Decorative Art 1840-1990 Herman Dommisse

11/6/2002 Christie's/London Charles Rennie Mackintosh & others
(hardcover) an international private collection

11/14/2002 Christie's/South Kensington Lalique glass, 20th-c bronzes &

12/10/2002 Christie's/NY Tiffany & important 20th-c decorative

12/10/2002 Christie's/NY an important lamp by Frank Lloyd Wright
for the Susan Lawrence Dana House (hardcover)

5/15/2003 Sotheby's/Paris Karl Lagerfeld
6/6/2003 Massol/Paris "20th century archaeology" ALAN
9/24/2003 Christie's/South Kensington Liberty & Co., Keith Carpenter
9/24/2003 Christie's/South Kensington Monart Glass Turner Collection
10/8/2003 Christie's/London Designed by Architects
11/1/2003 Rago/New Jersey Lalique auction
11/13/2003 Christie's/South Kensington Lalique glass & 20th century European sculpture
12/9/2003 Christie's/NY incl. Wiener Werkstatte & Tiffany Studios
12/10/2003 Christie's/NY Tiffany & Art Glass Minna Rosenblatt Gallery
12/12/2003 Sotheby's/NY Wolfgang Joop
3/9-10/2004 Christie's/NY 20th c decorative arts & design Gladys & Robert Koch
5/13/2004 Bonham's/London Lalique & design 1860-1945
5/13/2004 Christie's/South Kensington Lalique glass & 20th century European sculpture
5/21/2004 Rago/New Jersey Lalique incl. a private East coast collection
6/25/2004 Christie’s/NY Important 20th-century decorative arts Doris Duke
6/27/2004 Bonhams & Butterfields Lalique a private collection
9/18-19/2004 Rachel Davis Fine Art 20th Century Pottery & Dec Arts Ralph Drake

11/6/2004 Rago/New Jersey Lalique auction
11/11/2004 Christie's/South Kensington Lalique glass & 20th-cen European sculpture
12/8/2004 Christie’s/NY Important 20th-century decorative arts Therese Bonney Bequest & UC Berkeley $
12/17/2004 Sotheby's/NY Barry Friedman, Ltd.
12/17/2004 Sotheby’s/NY American Renaissance including Greene & Greene private collection
12/18/2004 Sotheby's/NY Equipement Interieur a private collection
12/19/2004 Christie's/Paris Daum
3/8/2005 Sotheby's/London pioneering 20th-cen design Torsten Brohan
3/10/2005 Sotheby’s/NY 20th c decorative arts & design Cecile Singer
4/18/2005 Sotheby's/Milano Gio Ponti
5/12/2005 Christie's/South Kensington Lalique, 20th-c European decorative arts
5/12/2005 Christie's/NY Post-War & Contemporary Art & Design Barbara Jakobson

5/31/2005 Sotheby's/Zurich Color & Light a private collection
6/9/2005 Christie's/NY 20th-c decorative art & design incl. Dakis Joannou collection
6/9/2005 Christie's/NY Tiffany rivate collection
9/13/2005 Sotheby's/Venice Murano glass Pauly
11/3/2005 Christie's/South Kensington Lalique
11/12/2005 Rago/New Jersey Lalique auction
11/23/2005 Artcurial Light is More
12/6/2005 Sotheby's/Amsterdam 20th-century decorative arts incl. the Chart collection
12/6/2005 Artcurial 48 Creators Around a Table
12/6/2005 Drouot Montaigne/Paris Lalique Madame D… etc.
12/7/2005 Christie's/NY French & Mid-Century Design a private collection
12/8/2005 Phillips/NY Alexander von Vegesack
12/8/2005 Sotheby's/NY Magnificent jewels by Rene Lalique a private collection
12/16/2005 Sotheby’s/Paris French Art Nouveau Ceramics Clara Schuman of Francfort
2/10/2006 Christie's/NY Highly Important Lalique Tsuyoshi Kajikawa
2/22/2006 Sotheby's/London John Jesse at Kensington Church Street
5/16/2006 Christie's/Amsterdam Dutch Decorative Arts 1880-1940 Frans Leidelmeijer
5/16/2006 Tajan Michel Boyer, design & architecture
5/17/2006 Christie’s/Paris 20th c decorative arts & design Eugene Printz
5/20/2006 Rago/New Jersey Lalique & art glass
5/23/2006 Wright Italian Design
5/24/2006 Christie's/South Kensington Lalique glass
6/8/2006 Christie's/Paris Art Deco Claude & Simone Dray
6/9/2006 Christie's/Paris Modern & Contemporary Art, African Art Claude & Simone Dray
6/14/2006 Sotheby's/NY important glass Edwin & Mary Triestman
6/28/2006 Artcurial Black
9/7/2006 Christie's/NY Hollywood Moderne The Deutsch Estate by William Haines
9/22/2006 Boisgirard Lalique
11/2/2006 Christie's/South Kensington Lalique glass
11/17/2006 Rago/New Jersey Lalique auction
11/27/2006 Artcurial Pierre Janneret Chandigarh Project
11/30/2006 Christie's/London The Cunha Braga Cup
11/30/2006 Christie's/Paris Les Salons d'un Appartement Parisien
12/5/2006 Wright Important Italian design
12/14/2006 Sotheby's/Paris 20th-century decorative arts a large Viennese Collection
12/15/2006 Sotheby's/NY American Renaissance
12/15/2006 Sotheby's/NY George Nakashima Dr. Arthur & Evelyn Krosnick
12/18/2006 Christie's/NY G. Argy-Rousseau & Rene Lalique a private collection
12/18/2006 Christie's/NY Daum Pinhas, part 1
12/18/2006 Christie's/NY Magnificent Tiffany
12/18/2006 Pierre Berge The Golden Age of Scandinavian Design 1945-1975

12/19/2006 Christie's/NY Line Vautrin
4/17/2007 Sotheby's/NY Chiparus & the Ballets Russes a private collection

5/16/2007 Christie's/Paris Emile Galle Eugene Printz

6/5/2007 Christie's/NY Jean Prouve's prototype Maison
Tropicale, Charlotte Perriand, Le
Corbusier, Pierre Jeanneret
Eric Touchaleaume

6/6/2007 Christie's/NY Daum, French glass Pinhas, part 2
6/25/2007 Artcurial Italian Design
6/26/2007 Christie's/London Nordic Art & Design
9/26/2007 Sotheby's/London selected by Gordon Watson
9/26/2007 Christie's/NY mid-20th century design an important private collection
11/10/2007 Millon & Associes Contemporary Glass
11/14/2007 Sotheby's/London Symbolism & the Poetic Vision
11/18/2007 Christie's/South Kensington Modernism a California collection
11/22/2007 Christie's/South Kensington Lalique glass
11/27/2007 Christie's/South Kensington The Art Nouveau Buckle with Arts & Crafts
12/14/2007 Sotheby's/NY Important Tiffany Lamps John M. Fowler
12/14/2007 Sotheby's/NY German design
12/18/2007 Christie's/NY Robin Roberts
2/5/2008 Sotheby's/Amsterdam Dutch Modernism Schiller-David
2/21-22/2008 Massol Charles Catteau Monsieur X…
3/12/2008 Artcurial Pierre Paulin
4/2/2008 Sotheby's/London Decorative Art 1880-1960 Michael Pruskin
5/13/2008 Christie’s Realty The Kaufmann House Richard Neutra
5/14/2008 Christie's/South Kensington Lalique
5/15/2008 Christie's/London Nordic Art & Design
5/18/2008 Wright Nilufar Gallery
5/21/2008 Tajan Hommage a Ettore Sottsass
5/27/2008 Christie’s/Paris Italian Design Anna & Alessandro Pron
6/3/2008 Sotheby's/Paris Furniture by Marc du Plantier Marquise de Morbecq
6/13/2008 Christie's/NY French bronze & ivory figures an important private collection
6/17/2008 Artcurial American Design (hardcover)
9/27/2008 Kastern/Hannover glass
11/12/2008 Christie's/South Kensington Lalique
12/13/2008 Mastro Live Auctions/Illinois Lalique
12/15/2008 Christie's/NY Important 20th-century design George & Frayda Lindemann
12/16/2008 Christie's/NY Tiffany Studios
12/18/2008 Sotheby's/NY Important Tiffany
3/20/2009 Tajan Emile Galle
6/4/2009 Sotheby's/Paris Emile-Jacques Ruhlmann & several
modern artists a private collection
12/12/2009 Christie's/South Kensington Lalique
11/25/2009 Christie's/South Kensington Leading Lights
11/26/2009 Christie's/Paris Ruhlmann for Lord Rothermere

12/8/2009 Christie's/NY Historical Design Reflects: The East 61st
Street Years The East 61st Street Gallery

12/8/2009 Christie's/NY Tiffany Gluck
12/10/2009 Wright Modern Glass
12/10/2009 Heritage/NY Lalique & French art glass
12/17/2009 Sotheby's/NY Robert Isabell
12/17/2009 Sotheby's/NY Important Tiffany

5/25/2010 Wright Scandinavian Design
5/26/2010 Christie's/South Kensington Lalique
5/26/2010 Sotheby's/Paris Garouste & Bonetti; Christian Lacroix
5/28/2010 Christie’s/Paris 20th Century Design incl. Line Vautrin an English Collector
9/5/2010 Stockholms Auktionsverk glass Birgitta Crafoord
11/10/2010 Sotheby’s/NY Bertoia
11/18/2010 Wright Scandinavian Design
11/23/2010 Artcurial From Arbus to Hiquily two collections
11/24/2010 Artcurial Chandigarh Project III
11/26/2010 Christie’s/Paris 20th c decorative arts & design Wolfgang Joop
12/4/2010 Heritage/NY Lalique, art glass, perfume bottles
12/9/2010 Christie's/South Kensington Lalique
12/14-15/2010 Christie’s/NY Art Deco & 20th Design De Lorenzo
12/15/2010 Christie's/NY Tiffany Max Palevsky
1/20/2011 Christie's/NY Important American silver incl.
magnificent Tiffany
3/3/2011 Phillips/NY Vienna & the Wiener Werkstatte
5/12/2011 Wright Scandinavian Design
5/26/2011 Christie's/South Kensington Lalique
6/23/2011 Pierre Berge Pol Quadens, epreuves d'artiste
6/29-30/2011 Christie's/Paris Chateau de Gourdon, 6 Volumes
9/21/2011 Sotheby's/NY Mid-Century Colleen Sullivan
11/17/2011 Christie's/South Kensington Lalique
11/17/2011 Phillips/NY Important Nordic Design
11/27/2011 Pierre Berge Rene Lalique, 13 choice works
12/15/2011 Sotheby's/NY Important Tiffany
12/17/2011 Christie's/NY Magnificent Tiffany Jeanne Laverne Dailey
5/17/2012 Wright Scandinavian design
5/31/2012 Christie's/South Kensington Lalique
6/14/2012 Christie's/NY Tiffany Lamps Henry Africa
6/14/2012 Drouot Richelieu/Paris Lalique
9/20/2012 Pierre Berge Scandinavian Furniture
11/17/2012 Michaan's Louis Comfort Tiffany Garden Museum, Japan
11/21/2012 Christie's/Paris Venini August Warnecke
12/12-13/2012 Christie's/NY Masterpieces of French Art Deco Steven A. Greenberg (2 Volumes)
12/13/2012 Wright Italian Masterworks Loris Manna
12/14/2012 Christie's/NY incl. magnificent Tiffany
12/15/2012 Sotheby's/NY Important Tiffany
12/15/2012 Sotheby's/NY Masterworks by Tiffany Studios Geyer Family Collection
2/25/2013 Camard/Paris Modern Glass Daniel & Michele Sarver
4/8/2013 Piasa Annibale Oste
5/23/2013 Christie's/Paris 20th Decorative Arts & Design Duchess D'Able & Armand Albert Rateau
5/23/2013 Christie's/Paris Art Deco Alain Braunstein
6/13/2013 Christie's/NY Masterworks by Tiffany Studios a Sutton Place Collection
10/1/2013 Piasa Italian Design
10/1/2013 Piasa Hommage a Guido & Bruno Gambone
11/14/2013 Wright Scandinavian Design
11/18/2013 Piasa Philolaos mobile sculptures
11/26/2013 Christie's/Paris modernism Sebastien & Nancy de la Selle
12/4/2013 Heritage/NY Tiffany, Lalique, art glass
12/19/2013 Christie's/NY Magnificent Tiffany
1/11/2014 Palmbeach Modern Auctions Tiziani Archive: Lagerfeld & Liz fashion & decorative arts
3/5/2014 Tajan Design for Kids
3/25-27/2014 Christie's/NY The Eclectic Eye Barry Friedman (4-vol set)
3/27/2014 Christie's/NY Italian Glass Barry Friedman
3/11-12/2014 Sotheby's & Artcurial Felix Marcilhac a private collection
11/4/2014 Christie’s/London 20th c decorative arts & design David Collins

12/16/2014 Sotheby’s/NY Masterworks of European Modernism Jon Stryker
4/23/2015 Tajan Scandinavian Design
5/7/2015 Wright Scandinavian Design
5/19/2015 Sotheby’s/NY Tiffany & Pre-War Design Warshawsky Collection
6/13/2015 Wright Important Italian Glass a private New York collection
6/16/2015 Christie's/South Kensington Lalique
10/13/2015 Artcurial La Maison par Christian Dior a Parisian collection

10/29/2015 Wright Le Corbusier & Jeanneret
11/5/2015 Wright Scandianvian design

12/8/2015 Wright Important Italian Glass selected from private collections

12/17/2015 Christie’s/NY Masterworks of 20th Century Design an important NY private collection
2/9/2016 Christie's/South Kensington Lalique

Frank Lloyd Wright's George D. Sturges Residence

2/24/2016 Sotheby's/London 1850-1950 masterpieces Polo Collection
3/23/2016 Christie's/NY French Art Glass an important NY private collection
5/5/2016 Wright Scandinavian Design
6/7/2016 Sotheby’s/NY 20th c decorative arts & design Wyeth
10/13/2016 Christie’s/South Kensington 20th c decorative arts & design Gordon Watson
11/16/2016 Christie's/South Kensington Lalique
11/21/2016 Sotheby’s/Paris Art Deco Henri Chwast, Part 1
11/22/2016 Sotheby’s/London Art Deco Henri Chwast, Part 2
12/5/2016 Artcurial Jean Leymarie
12/14/2016 Sotheby's/NY Modern Italian Glass Martin Cohen Collection
5/4/2017 Christie’s/NY Carlo Scarpa Glass from 1926-62 a Private European Collection
5/16/2017 Christie’s/Paris 20th c decorative arts & design a Private Swiss Collection
5/16/2017 Christie's/King Street Lalique
6/6/2017 Sotheby’s/NY 20th c decorative arts & design Wyeth
6/29/2017 Sotheby's/Paris Ginette & Alaain Lesieutre
10/21/2017 Quittenbaum 20th c decorative arts & design Jensen Collection
11/20/2017 Christie’s/Paris Jean Royere Design
5/23/2018 Sotheby’s/NY 20th C decorative arts & design Delphine & Reed Krakoff
6/2/2018 Pierre Berge/Brussels Memphis Design Design Gallery Milano Collection
6/27/2018 Sotheby’s/Paris Degin In Situ 50th Anniversary of Sotheby’s Paris
12/13/2018 Christie’s/NY Art Nouveau Glass (Galle & Daum) Nakamoto Collection
12/18/2018 Pierre Berge Mid-Century Modern Design Pierre Berge, Part 1
10/23-24/2019 Sotheby’s/Paris 20th c decorative arts & design Claude & Francois-Xavier Lalanne

12/12/2019 Sotheby’s/NY 20th c decorative arts & design Marc Jacobs
12/12/2019 Sotheby’s/NY Masterworks by Tiffany Studios
12/12/2019 Bonhams/NY Alexandre Noll Alexandre Noll