Christie's Clarice Cliff Auction November 11, 1994, South Kensington


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Christie's Clarice Cliff Auction November 11, 1994, South Kensington. This post auction catalog consists of pages 59 with 673 lots, hundreds of color illustrations and all lots described in detail. Catalog is in fine condition.

Catalog Includes the following Clarice Cliff items : Age of Jazz Alton Anemone Applique Avignon Applique Blue Lucerne Applique Caravan Applique Idyll Applique Lugano Applique Palermo Arabesque Archaic Aurea Autumn Autumn Leaves Autumn, Cafe au Lair Autumn, Orange Autumn, Pastel B Berries Berries, Cafe au Lair Blue Chintz Blue Firs Blue Squares Blue W Bobbins Bones the Butcher Branch and Squares Bridgewater Orange Bridgewater, Green Brookfields Broth C Cafe, Red Canterbury Bells Caravan Castellated Circle Celtic Harvest Chalet Charlotte Circle Tree Circus Cock a Doodle Doo Coral Firs Crayon Crocus (over 20 items) Crocus, Sungleam D Delecia Delecia Citrus Delecia Pansies Delecia Poppy Desny Diamond Bands Diamonds Double V Dryday Dutch Girl E Egypt F Farmhouse Feather and Leaves Jep Floral Nuage Floreat Forest Glen Fragrance Fruit Nuage Fruitburst Fruitburst, Cafe au Lair G Gardenia, Orange Gardenia, Red Gay Day Gibraltar Gloria Bridge Goldstone H Hindoo Hollyrose Honeydew Honolulu House and Bridge Hydrangea, Orange I Idyll Impressions Indian Inspiration Lily Inspiration Persian J Japan K Kew Keyhole King of Hearts L L'Odeon Latona Latona Cube Latona Red Roses Latona Tree Liberty Lightning Lorna Lydiat M Marguerite Marigold Marlene Melon Melon, Pastel Mondrian Moonffower Moonlight Mountain My Garden N Nasturtium Nemesia Newport Nuage Fruit Orange Chintz 211, Oranges Original Bizarre P Pebbles Persian Picasso Flower, Orange Pine Grove Pink Tree Pink Roof Cottage 198 Poplar R Raffia Ravel Red Roofs Red Roofs, Cafe au Lait Rhodanthe Rudyard S Scarlet Flower Scraphito Secrets Secrets, Orange Singapore Sliced Fruit Solitude Soloman's Seal Spanish Girl Spire Stage Coach Summerhouse Sundew Sungold Sunray Sunray Leaves Sunrise Sunrise, Red Sunshine Swirls T Tahiti Taorruina Tennis Tibetan Trees and House, Orange Trees and House, Red U Umbrellas Umbrellas and Rain V Viscaria W Waterlily Whisper Windbells Woodland X Xavier Y YooHoo