CHRISTIE'S First Open Contemporary Art | Shanghai 9/24/17 Sale Code 14817




CHRISTIE'S First Open | Shanghai
9/24/17 Sale Code 14817

66 lots

Chen, Ke (b. 1978) (1)
Fang, Lijun (b.1963) (1)
Fudong, Yang (b.1971) (2)
Gang, Zhang Xiao (b. 1958) (1)
Gu, Wenda (b. 1955) (1)
Jianyi, Geng (b. 1962) (1)
KAWS (b.1974) (1)
Kusama, Yayoi (b. 1929) (1)
Kwan, Nam (1911-1990) (1)
Pang, Jiun (b. 1936) (1)
Xiang, Qinghua (b. 1976) (1)
Zao, Wou-Ki (1920-2013) (3)
Zeng, Fanzhi (b. 1964) (1)
Sale overview
FIRST OPEN| Shanghai sale will kick off Shanghai auction season, taking place in the afternoon of 24 September. Launched 12 years ago in New York, the First Open series offers an unparalleled opportunity to obtain fresh, desirable and well-priced contemporary artworks at auction. The sale concept was first introduced to mainland China in 2015 and provided a unique platform to promote emerging Chinese young artists and their creative talents.
This season, FIRST OPEN | Shanghai offers collectors a carefully curated selection of around 80 artworks featuring Asian and Western contemporary artists as well as a superb group of Asian contemporary designers. The works on offer present the most cutting-edge art and design pieces at accessible price points for both new and established collectors. For the first time, Kobayashi Kunishio’s bonsais will be offered as part of the Contemporary Scholar’s Studio curated section, with each object speaking to a modern lifestyle, which embodies taste and refinement.