IH Sotheby's Tribal Art, New York 5/6/94


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Tribal Art

New York


This Sale consisted of 197 Lots all illustrated and all described in detail.

Catalog is softcover and is in fine condition

.Including A Maori House Front, an Important Igbo Female Figure, a Fine Mahongwe Reliquary Guardian Figure, a Fine Bakota Reliquary Guardian Figure, an Important Bakota Reliquary Guardian Figure, a Fine Tschowke Mask, a Rare & Important Kuba Anthropomorphic Cup, an Important Ovimbundu Staff & much more: 208 lots total with 35 lots shown in color and 160 shown in black & white: Oceanic = 19 lots, the rest is African including: Sierra Leone, Guinea,Burkina Faso, Mali, Ivory Coast, Nigeria, Ghana, Niger, Cameroon, Zaire, Angola, Southern Africa. Includes 10 lots of books relating to Tribal art. Call for a Tribal Update.